Founded by Y. Natalie Zhang, an attorney licensed in both California and China, and strategically affiliated with law firms in China, U.S.-China Law Counsel is uniquely equipped to assist clients whose legal needs stretch between China and the United States. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge of the social and business practices of China and are experienced in a broad spectrum of business law disciplines. We can quickly address our clients’ needs and provide them with legally practical and culturally sensitive solutions.

We are dedicated to U.S.-China business law practice. We provide our clients with strategic guidance and advice from the initial discussion phase through post-closing transitional matters – we participate in contract negotiations, manage due diligence, contact Chinese parties and their counsel, conduct liaison with Chinese government agencies, draft documents, and supervise filing with relevant government authorities. When litigation is involved, we engage Chinese law firms to appear before Chinese courts. We travel for clients domestically and overseas.

Chinese Law Knowledge

Our clients take great comfort in that we have qualified professionals who are licensed attorneys in both China and the U.S. China is a fast-developing country, and so are its laws. We closely follow up with the newest legal developments in areas relevant to our clients’ interests. With strong backgrounds in Chinese law, and in-depth knowledge of social and business practices in China, our professionals can efficiently handle our clients’ diverse and often evolving legal requirements.

Bilingual & Bicultural

Our strong ability to work directly in the Chinese language assists our clients in negotiating and interpreting Chinese-language documents. There is no need for redundant translation and retranslation, which both increases the cost and the chance for miscommunications. We ensure that the final contract is accurately stated in Chinese.

People doing business overseas frequently encounter particular cultural barriers. Our backgrounds in both China and the United States give us the strong ability to bridge Western and Eastern perspectives and to translate nuances and unspoken rules, which are often the most important factor in cross-cultural transactions.

Cost Effective

We recognize that when a business – large or small – has legal problems, they touch many facets of the business at the same time. International legal issues are particularly complex as they involve more than one country’s laws as well as international law principles. At U.S.-China Law Counsel, our attorneys are capable of handling cross-discipline matters. Clients need only submit their matter onceto get one integrated answer to their questions, which helps them decide what to do.

The People’s Republic of China started implementation of its “open-door” policy and economic reforms in the late 1970s. Through almost 30 years of effort, China’s achievements in market-oriented economic reforms have drawn worldwide attention. The country’s recent entry into the World Trade Organization has resulted in the removal of many foreign investment barriers. With its gross domestic product growing at an annual rate of over 9%, China’s was ranked the fourth largest in the world’s economy in 2005.

While China’s marketization is attracting increasingly large number of investors worldwide, however, like any great opportunity, China has its challenges. Myriad cultural, business and governmental obstacles separated investors from opportunity and entrepreneurs from capital. China’s legal system and court procedures have been a muddle for many foreigners doing business in China. U.S.-China Law Counsel, with experience of both worlds, takes a strategic approach to navigating efficiently between East and West.

At U.S.-China Law Counsel, we have lawyers who were born and raised in China, who have lifetime experience in how to do business in China; we also have American lawyers who have been involved in cross-border China activities for many years – all are dedicated to China law matters. Our attorneys have been able to build bridges between the private sector and government, and between regulators and operators, in order to identify and develop opportunities in the context of Chinese business practices.